Zerbini, Brazilian physician

Zerbini (1912-1993) was Brazilian doctor. He performed the first heart transplant surgery in Brazil.

Zerbini (1912-1993) was born in Guaratingueta, São Paulo on May 7, 1912. He began his studies in São Paulo, completing the secondary in Campinas. He graduated in medicine from the University of Medicine of. Went to the United States, do specialization in chest, heart and lung surgery. He began to devote himself to intracardiac surgery in 1945. In 1957 began experiments to opening the heart in animals using extra corporeal circulation.

At the University of Minneapolis, United States, was co-Cristian Barnarde, South African surgeon who performed the first human heart trasplante. Six months later, on May 25, 1968, at the Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo, a team led by Euclid doctors of Jesus Zerbini and Luiz V. Décourt, performed the first heart transplant in Latin America. And Dr. Geraldo Campos Freire team, leveraging the same donor, performs kidney transplant.

There were two more heart transplants by Dr. Zerbini's team and the last on January 7, 1969. Dr. Zerbini was the fifth doctor in the world to perform the heart transplant. One of his patients, Orlandi, managed to survive relatively long time to transplantation, showing the stage of advancement that is the Brazilian surgery.

Euclides de Jesus Zerbini died of cancer in São Paulo on October 23, 1993.