Ruth Rocha, Brazilian Writer

Ruth Rocha (1931) is an important Brazilian writer of children's literature. She is the bestselling author of “Marcelo, Marmelo, Hammer”. She was elected to chair 38 of the Paulista Academy of Letters.

Ruth Rocha was born in São Paulo on March 2, 1931. She graduated in Political and Social Sciences from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. He started working at the Rio Branco College library. She was an educational advisor for the same college.

In 1967 he started writing about education for the magazine Claudia which is aimed at the female audience. He received the invitation to work for Recreio magazine, where he published a series of children's stories. In 1973, he began to coordinate the children's and youth publications department of Editora Abril.

In 1976 he published his first book, “Words, Many Words,” with images by Raul Fernandes, to show children that learning to read can be fun. His second book, “Marcelo, Quince, Hammer” (1976) was translated into several languages ​​and became a bestseller.

Child rights advocate Ruth Rocha wrote in partnership with Otavio Roth, the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Children” (1988), launched at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Ruth Rocha has more than two hundred titles published and her work has been translated into twenty-five languages. The writer is also dedicated to translating several children's books. She is the co-author of textbooks, including “Personinhas”, in partnership with Anna Flora and the collection “O Homem e Comunicação”, in partnership with Otávio Roth.

Ruth Rocha was awarded in 1998 by the then president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, with the Commendation of the Order of the Cultural Ministry. He received awards from the Brazilian Academy of Letters, the Paulista Association of Art Critics, the National Children's Book Foundation, eight Jabutis from the Brazilian Chamber of Letters, among others. Ruth Rocha was chosen to be part of the Pen Clube - World Writers Association, located in Rio de Janeiro. She was elected to chair number 38 of the Paulista Academy of Letters.

Works by Ruth Rocha

  • Marcelo, Quince, Hammer
  • Thousand Birds
  • Almanac Ruth Rocha
  • The Firefighter Monkey
  • This Brave New World
  • The Easter Bunny
  • The Old Man, The Boy and the Donkey
  • The Black Notebook System
  • Armandinho the Judge
  • Marcelo Street
  • The Girl Who Learned to Fly
  • Gabriela and the Auntie
  • Long live the Macacada
  • What is, What is?
  • Hourly
  • Release the Savoy
  • It's been a long time
  • The Cat and the Tree
  • The Bossy King
  • Behind the Door
  • The Boy Who Almost Drowned in the Trash
  • Like Money
  • The Things That Agent Speaks
  • Words Many Words
  • A Story of Stuck Tails
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Children
  • Little People - Nature & Society
  • Little People - Math
  • The Art of Expressing Well in Public
  • Write and Create, A New Proposal
  • Portuguese Language Mini-Dictionary