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Considered by UNESCO "World Natural Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve", this region has great biodiversity.

However, many animals in this biome are endangered, for example: jaguar, puma, marsh deer, blue macaw, among others.

Pantanal location

  • Northern Pantanal or Amazonian Pantanal
  • Southern Pantanal or Greater Pantanal

This biome is located in the Upper Paraguay River Basin and covers the Brazilian states of the Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul; and a small part of Bolivia and Paraguay, where it is called Chaco.

Major Cities of the Pantanal

The main Brazilian cities of the Pantanal, located in Mato Grosso do Sul are:

  • Corumbá
  • Aquidauana
  • Miranda

Main Pantanal Rivers

The main rivers of the Pantanal region, all belonging to the Paraguay River Basin, are:

Pantanal biome

Thus, during the rainy season, ie in summer, the Pantanal is practically impassable by land. While in the dry season, in winter, the rivers dry up and the clay remains, hence its name " Pantanal ".

So the soil that forms is used as pasture areas for cattle. Pantanal vegetation, depending on altitude, involves grasses, medium-sized trees, undergrowth and shrubs.

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Pantanal bird

According to research, the biome has approximately 1,000 species of butterflies, 650 birds, 120 mammals, 260 fish and 90 reptiles. In the fauna of the Pantanal ecosystem, the following stand out:

  • Birds : tuíiús (the symbol bird of the Pantanal), blue macaw, toucans, parakeets, egrets, jaburus, hummingbirds, jacana, rheas, seriemas, parrots, spoonbills, hawks, carcaras, curicacas.
  • Reptiles : alligators (wetland alligator and crown alligator), lizards (chameleon, green-calango), snakes (sucuri, boa constrictor, water snakes) and turtles (jabuti and tortoise).
  • Mammals : capybaras, giant otters, guinea pig, anteater, guinea fowl, tapir, sloth, jaguar, pampas deer, catingue deer, maned wolf, capuchin deer wetland, howler, coati, armadillo.
  • Fish : piranha, pacu, guinea fowl, cachara, curimbatá, dorado, jaú and piau.

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