Lobão, Brazilian singer and composer

Lobão (1957) is Brazilian singer and composer, one of the biggest names in Brazilian music pop-rock scene of the 80s and 90s His most successful solo career was the song "Call Me".

Lobão was born in Rio de Janeiro. He began his musical career with 17 years as drummer of the Vimana band that had members like Lulu Santos and Ritchie. In the late 70s, attended the backing band of singer Marina and the Blitz band.

In solo career in the 80s, released the album "Cinema Scene" in 1982, especially on this record the song "Man-Ball. In 1984, with the album "Ronaldo was to War" won greater notoriety with the song "Call Me", recorded by Marina later. With the LP "Rock Wrong" in 1985, was a hit with the song "Revenge". In that year, we had problems with drugs, a fact that was repeated in 1987, the release of the album "Crazy Life Life" and has been covered by Cazuza. In 1990, did show at the Hollywood Rock, considered the best presentation by the public.

Lobão spent four years without recording any disc, when it started taking classical guitar lessons. Since 1995, he began to try other rhythms like samba and electronic music. In the 2000s, Lobão involved with causes related to music as the defense of criminalization of Jaba, the practice of buying musical space on radio and television.

In 2007, released live CD, "MTV Unplugged" in which he played songs of the past, emphasizing "This Night No" and "psychedelic hearts."

In 2011, launched a collection of successes, the "Box 81-91 + DVD MTV Unplugged" with much of his musical work.