Gabriel Gracindo, Brazilian Actor

Gabriel Gracindo (1977) is a Brazilian actor. Son of fellow actor Gracindo Júnior, and grandson of Paulo Gracindo, began his artistic life as a teenager.

Gabriel Carvalho Gracindo (1977) was born in Rio de Janeiro on December 21, 1977. The son of Daisy Poli and actor Gracindo Júnior, is the grandson of fellow actor Paulo Gracindo (1911-1995). As a teenager, she took acting classes at Tablado and Casa de Artes Laranjeiras, when she performed in several plays.

Gabriel Gracindo made his television debut in 1995 in the novel Explode Coração, directed by Denis Carvalho, in a minor role as a gypsy horse groomer. In 1996, she performed in TV Globo's "Talent Hunt", a children's soap opera that aired between September 16, 1996 and November 20, 1998. In 1999 she participated in the editing of the play "Calínguala", presented at Teatro Ipanema.

In 2000, Gabriel Gracindo joined the season 7 cast of TV Globo's “Malhação” series. Participated in the programs "You Decide", "Total Dolly" and "The Great Family." In 2003 she acted in the miniseries "The House of Seven Women", which aired between January 7 and April 8. That same year, she acted as “Philip” in the play “Dirty Face Angels”, directed by Gracindo Júnior.

In 2004, Gabriel went to TV Record and that same year he debuted in the role of "Henrique" in the soap opera "Slave Isaura", which was aired between October 18, 2004 and April 29, 2005. Also in 2005 he performed in the soap opera “Proof of Love”. He then starred in “Brazilian Citizen” (2006), “Opposite Lives” (2006-2007), “Sunlight” (2007), “Flames of Life” (2008), “Promises of Love” (2009).

Gabriel Gracindo established himself in the cast of TV Record and then tied in the soap operas “The Story of Esther” (2010), “King David” (2012), “Dona Xepa” (2013), in the special “The Love and the Death ”(2013), the miniseries“ Miracles of Jesus ”(2014), the soap opera“ Victory ”(2014) and the biblical overproduction“ The Promised Land ”, playing“ Melquias ”, a great success of Brazilian television, which was taken to theaters and hit an audience record.

In the theater, Gabriel Gracindo also performed in the plays: "Today is Rock Day", "Brave Soldier Schweik", "Black - out", "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "The Rebel Novice", “My Single Life” and “The Moratorium”, directed by Bibi Ferreira.

Gabriel Gracindo was married for eight years with actress Fernanda Nobre, from 2005 to 2012. The couple has a son, João Gracindo, who follows the same career as his father. Since 2013, Gabriel has been married to actress Rayana Carvalho.