Francisco Assis Chateaubriand, Brazilian Journalist, Businessman and Politician

Francisco Assis Chateaubriand (1892-1968) was a Brazilian journalist, businessman and politician. Owner of "Diários Associados", the largest communication network in the country, between the 30's and 60's. In 1950 he inaugurated the Tupi TV of São Paulo, the first television station in Latin America. In 1954 he was elected to chair No. 37 of the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

Assis Chateaubriand (1892-1968) was born in Umbuzeiro, Paraíba, on October 4, 1892. Son of Francisco Chateaubriand Flag of Melo and Maria Carmen Guedes Gondim Flag of Melo. His paternal grandfather, Jose Bandeira de Melo, was an admirer of Francois-René de Chateaubriand, a French poet and thinker, and added Chateaubriand to his sons' surnames.

Assis Chateaubriand showed difficulty speaking, only at the age of three, the family discovers that he was a stutterer. Studied at home with private teachers, learned French and German. He went to Recife to take the entrance test for the Escola Naval gymnasium, and at the age of 12, on November 22, 1904, he officially entered the school. Already boy arouses interest in reading.

Joins the Recife Faculty of Law, completing the course in 1913. As a student, he worked for several newspapers, including the "Diário de Pernambuco", where he became editor-in-chief. In 1913 he goes to Rio de Janeiro, where he works as a lawyer and collaborates for the newspapers, Correio da Manhã, Jornal do Comércio and Jornal do Brasil. As an international journalist, he travels several times to Europe.

In 1921, he bought the newspaper O Jornal and in 1924 bought the Diário da Noite in São Paulo, the Jornal do Comércio do Rio, and the Diário de Pernambuco. In 1928 launches the magazine O Cruzeiro. By the 1940s, Chateaubriand already owned the largest communication network in the country, the "Diários Associados", made up of newspapers, television stations, radio stations and various magazines.

Assis Chateaubriand, in 1947, founds the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP), with an exhibition of his collection of paintings acquired in Europe. In 1951 is elected senator by the state of Paraíba. In 1954 is chosen senator by the State of Maranhão. That same year is chosen for the chair No. 37 of the Brazilian Academy of Letter. In 1957 leaves the Senate and occupies the position of Ambassador of Brazil in the United Kingdom, where he stayed until 1960.

Francisco de Assis Chateaubriand Bandeira de Melo, suffering from a thrombosis, died in São Paulo, on April 4, 1968.