Energy sources

Coal, oil, river and ocean waters, wind and certain foods are some examples of energy sources.

Renewable and Non Renewable Energy

Energy sources or energy resources can be classified into two groups: renewable and non-renewable energy.

Energy sources

Some examples of renewable energies are:

  • Hydroelectric - derived from the force of river water;
  • Solar - obtained by heat and sunlight;
  • Wind - derived from the force of the winds,
  • Geothermal - comes from the heat of the earth's interior;
  • Biomass - from organic matter;
  • Seas and Oceans - Natural Wave Force;
  • Hydrogen - comes from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen that releases energy.

Non Renewable Energy

Nonrenewable energies are those that are found in nature in large quantities but once depleted, they can no longer be regenerated.

They have finite reserves, as it takes a long time for their formation in nature. They are considered polluting energies, because their use causes damage to the environment.

Examples of nonrenewable energy:

  • Fossil fuels : such as petroleum, coal, shale and natural gas;
  • Nuclear Energy: It needs uranium and thorium to be produced.

Energy Sources in Brazil

The search for alternative sources of clean or renewable energy has advanced in the world. Whether to reduce dependence on oil or to lower pollution levels, the fact is that the search for different sources of energy is already a reality in the world.

In Brazil, the use of sugar cane alcohol dates from 1975, with the implementation of the National Alcohol Program (Proálcool), due to the oil crisis. Today alcohol is also used as a gasoline additive.

Similarly, the use and exploitation of solar and wind energy has been encouraged, albeit timidly, by the government.

Observe o gráfico abaixo e veja as diferentes fontes energéticas utilizadas pelo Brasil:

Energy Sources


Energy sources are found in nature in the raw state, and to be economically harnessed they must undergo a process of transformation and storage.

Water, the sun, the wind, the oil, the coal, the uranium are channeled by the human being and thus all their ability to produce energy will be exploited.

Transformation centers can be:

  • Hydroelectric Power Plants - the force of the waterfall makes the turbines spin and thus converted into electricity
  • Oil Refineries - oil is transformed into diesel oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc.
  • Thermoelectric Power Plants - by burning coal and oil, energy is obtained.
  • Coke ovens - coal is transformed into coke, which is a product used to heat blast furnaces in the steel industry and industries. < / li>