Claudia Leitte, Brazilian Singer

Claudia Leitte (1980) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter of pop and axé music, one of the biggest of its kind along with Ivete Sangalo. It has songs that became known in Brazil: "Amor Perfeito", "Call Me Love", "Cai Fora" and "Exttravasa" are some of them.

Claudia Cristina Leite Inácio Pedreira was born in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. He lived his childhood in Salvador. He has shown interest in music since he was 3 years old. In Feira de Santana, sang in bars and restaurants. He entered college to study law, but dropped out to study music. He joined the forró band Banda Violeta, but soon joined the band, Macaco Prego to sing axé music.

In 2001, he was part of the band Babado Novo, when he gained greater recognition from the audience of axé music. Reached 9th position with the song “Cai Fora”, single released with the band Amor Perfeito. In 2003, the album “Babado Novo Live” was released.

Claudia Leitte's first solo album was “Exttravasa” (2008) This one reached the second position in Hot 100 Brazil and earned diamond record for the amount of downloads on the internet. In the same year, he released a live album, with guests Daniela Mercury, Wando and Gabriel, the thinker. With the single "Birds" he won platinum. The live album “Exttravasa Tour” won gold and triple platinum album.

In 2009 released the single “The Masks (Let It Go)” and reached # 2 on Billboard and Hot 100 Brazil. It won a curious mark in the Guinness Book: it made 8372 couples kiss at the same time at a show that same year.

In 2010, he sang in the clip “The Masks”, one of the soundtracks for the World Cup of the same year. In 2011, he had the song “Locomotion Batucada” in 39th position in the Hot 100 Brazil. In the same year, she performed at Rock in Rio 4, when she was booed by the audience for leading to the overproduction event with dancers on stage.

At the 2012 Carnival, she performed at a show with Ivete Sangalo, breaking down the rumors that they would be enemies in her personal life. In the same year, he released the album "Negalora" live and the single "Welcome love".